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Know the characteristics of MDF
Mar 04, 2021

For the products of MDF manufacturers, it can be made by putting wood, trees and other objects in water, then hot grinding, paving, and hot pressing. MDF is made of wood fiber or other materials, uses plant fiber as raw material, and uses artificial board made of urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives. Of course, the two chemicals included, benzene and formaldehyde, do not have to worry about the added compounds, because they are rarely used in the production process:

1. Using a large amount of adhesive will have a certain impact on the quality of MDF. This will only increase the cost, but will not benefit the MDF manufacturers.

2. It is very harmful to health and does not meet national standards.

This shows that the manufactured furniture is safe and harmless, solid wood furniture is dry, and the whole process will not be deformed, but its cost is very high, of course the price is also very expensive. There are many kinds of solid wood furniture, some are solid wood, some are not solid wood, but the price is high and scary, mainly because the solid wood furniture process is not deformed and some chemical raw materials are added.

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