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How do manufacturers transport plywood in winter
Mar 04, 2021

Although plywood is not as valuable as solid wood panels, it has many uses. Plywood manufacturers also need to mass produce and transport plywood in winter, but there are many issues that need to be paid attention to during the transportation process.

Plywood is a wooden board, which is flammable and easy to be damp. In winter, dry weather is prone to fire, and wet snow weather can easily cause the board to get damp. Therefore, plywood manufacturers should pay attention to moisture and fire prevention when transporting the boards. Regarding moisture-proof, the manufacturer’s trucks should not show water, and try to avoid transporting the boards on snowy days, and cover the plywood with canvas or plastic sheet, which can prevent the plywood from being damp and open the glue to a large extent to ensure the performance and quality of the board.

In terms of fire protection, no naked flames, flammable and explosive materials should appear on the transport vehicles of plywood manufacturers, and workers should not smoke in the vehicles. Workers should check the plywood on the transport truck regularly to ensure the safety of the board. In addition, the transport vehicle should be clean to avoid dust, grease, etc. adhering to the surface of the board, which will affect the appearance and use effect of the board.