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What to do if there are defects in the hot pressing of plywood
Mar 04, 2021

In the process of hot pressing of plywood, due to various reasons, defects such as low bonding strength, bubbling and partial degumming may occur. Don't panic when faced with such problems, plywood manufacturers will provide you with solutions.

The production process of plywood requires multiple processes, and hot pressing is one of them. In order to prevent defects in the hot pressing process of plywood, plywood manufacturers remind you to choose good quality veneers to ensure that the veneers have low moisture content; use reasonable hot pressing processes; use good quality adhesives. Manufacturers should focus on quality in production, and must use organic modifiers such as polyvinyl alcohol and melamine, otherwise it is easy to produce low-quality plywood.

If the plywood manufacturer's production technology is more advanced, it can be modified with modifiers or additives when producing plywood. Among them, organic modification is more commonly used and has good effects, but the cost is also relatively high. On the contrary, inorganic modification is affordable and has great potential. Of course, organic modification is used to make high-grade plywood, supplemented by inorganic modification, and the effect is better.