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Is plywood the same as the building template
Mar 04, 2021

Although we have been advocating the protection of forests, the production of some industries still cannot do without wood products, including wood plywood and building templates. So, are the two the same? The plywood manufacturer will tell you.

First of all, we can tell you very clearly that plywood and building formwork are not the same. The building template is an auxiliary board used in construction projects, which can ensure the quality of the project and improve the construction efficiency. Although plywood manufacturers do not produce building templates, they still have a certain understanding of it. The inner cores of most building templates are of poor quality and are mostly disposable products. However, there are also high-end building templates that can be customized, which can be reused, such as wooden templates, steel templates, and bamboo templates.

Plywood is a board that is cut into veneer from logs or sliced into thin wood, and then glued and fixed into a board. The plywood produced by plywood manufacturers is mostly three-layered or more than three-layered, usually an odd-numbered layered veneer, and the fiber directions between two adjacent layers of veneer are arranged perpendicular to each other. There are three-plywood, five-plywood and seven-plywood.