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Follow the plywood manufacturers to understand the uses of MDF
Mar 04, 2021

There are many types of furniture on the market. Although solid wood furniture is more beautiful and more collectible, its maintenance is very difficult. Therefore, plywood manufacturers have introduced MDF to make furniture, which has been well received and welcomed by many consumers.

The raw material of MDF is soaked trees, which are polished and pressed, and these wood fibers and binders are mixed to produce MDF close to the characteristics of wood, and the MDF produced by plywood manufacturers includes high-density boards and medium-density boards. And three kinds of low density board. MDF is a man-made board, the surface of the board is relatively smooth, the texture is also very uniform, you can paint on it, install accessories, the method is simple, and the effect is good.

The density of the MDF fiber is different, and the characteristics are naturally different. The high-density board produced by plywood manufacturers has high hardness but is easy to crack, so it is usually used to make partition walls, laminate flooring, car interiors and anti-theft doors. The strength of low-density board is slightly lower, and it is mostly used to make decorative panels, carvings and furniture bureau parts.

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